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“Money Laundering” is a romantic semantics for “blood money”

i-AML vision is to become the leading website in educating, publishing and disseminating news, information and knowledge in Israel, the middle east and worldwide in order to fight terror financing, corruption, and crime.


The international Israeli Anti Money Laundering (I-AML) website, is focusing on fighting international terror financing, corruption and crime by spreading information and being a unique knowledge and expertise center to support this fight.

Money laundering is the illegal process of concealing the origins of money obtained illegally by passing it through a complex sequence of banking transfers or commercial transactions. The overall scheme of this process returns the money to the launderer in an obscure and indirect way (Oxford Dictionary Definition).

Money laundering is an enabler for many atrocities being held around the world: terror, child pedophiles, human and women trafficking, drug dealing, financial crimes – and mostly national level financial and political corruption.

Being a media platform, utilizing the best experts and knowledge in Israel and worldwide – I-AML shall provide accessible information in order to expose the corrupted reality, change current mis-leading semantic concepts, and cooperate with national and civil NPOs.

I-AML, Based on Israeli agencies veterans – bringing to the table “battle proven” expertise and know-how in the fields of cyber, terror, legal issues, money laundering methodologies and links.