Our Team

Eyal Yaffe-Ermoza | BA

Retired from the Israeli Security Agency (ISA) after 25 years of service in a number of counterterrorism, Investigation and Intelligence positions.

Following retirement from the ISA, Eyal Yaffe established and is the leader of a company that provides business intelligence consulting services to organizations. This company focuses on the detection of employee delinquency, and on special and sensitive investigations.

In addition, Eyal Yaffe as an entrepreneur is the leader of a high-tech company which developed a device that monitors eye bio-signals in response to variant stimuli.

Eyal yaffe received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Philosophy (multi-disciplinary program) from the Hebrew University.


Amir Shlomo |MSC, MBA

Holding an M.Sc. in Electronics and Communication and MBA , with more than 20 years of experience in Cyber, Intelligence Systems and Mega Projects Management in various fields (Cyber, SIGINT, Cellular, COMINT etc.).

An entrepreneur in Cyber and Media and Founder of Root Networks, Dstage and I-AML.com.


Avi Yariv | MBA

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, MBA, IDF LTC. (Res.) – Signal Core. Vast experience as executive in corporate international marketing, business development, and management. Expertise in the fields of C4I, HLS, and Cyber. Founder of B-I-P ltd., i-HLS.com, Root Networks and i-AML.com, Founder and past-chairman of the Israeli Big-data for intelligence and Video analytics conferences, Chairman of the InnoTech Int’l conference and exhibition.

In-House Writer

Ilan Lochoff

Over 25 years in the intelligence community in a variety of positions, retired Lt. Col. in 2017.

Deep military experience, including developing complex projects & management skills, managing budgets from technological and operational content.

Ilan holds significant experience and expertise of advanced research on counter terror financing – CTF