Employee Background Check | Why is It Important?

Background Checks include name scans before or after employee onboarding to help you build a team you can trust. With background checks, institutions minimize their risks and protect the reputation of their companies.

A new hire is a big investment for companies, but bad hires can affect companies in many ways. In this case, companies can at least verify that their employees have not been involved in any crime by performing a background check and verifying their identity.


What The Background Check Covers?

A background check collects a variety of information about a person from public and private databases, using their name, birthday, ID number. Background check before employee participation may cover the following areas;

  • Identity verification – It can be verified that the applicant has provided a correct name and ID number and is a citizen of the country they specify or have the legal right to work in the country.
  • Criminal history – Verifies whether the applicant has been convicted of a crime, is on probation, has a pending arrest warrant, is on any sanctions, PEP, watchlist, etc.
  • Employment history – See which companies the applicant has worked for and for how long so it can be verified that they provide accurate employment history.
  • Educational background – Similar to employment history, universities and degrees on the candidate’s resume can be verified.
  • Credit check – Whether the applicant is financially responsible can be verified.


Why is Background Check Important?

If you don’t know the employee’s responsibilities and requirements, you cannot expect them to trust you. Therefore, in order to provide a reliable working environment, you should contact your employee, get to know him, and create a comfortable working environment for your employee. Also, getting to know the employees ensures a healthy work culture. The relationship between the manager and the employee also affected the relationship between the employee and themselves. Division of labor and cooperation is more common among employees who know each other well. Chaos does not occur.

On the other hand, a Background Check is an essential program to determine if an employee’s background is related to money laundering activities. An organization with weak Background Checks and not taking the necessary precautions may face employee fraud and money laundering activities and may suffer corporate losses. For this reason, it is very important for institutions to take some precautions such as obtaining the CV information before the interview and not applying the screening controls and the identity verification of the employee.


Employment Background Checks for All Size Companies

With Sanction Scanner, large, medium, and small companies can easily determine whether their employees are involved in financial crimes such as money laundering. The database includes thousands of local and global PEP, Sanctions, watchlists, wanted lists, regulatory and law enforcement data from more than 200 countries, updated every 15 minutes. As a result, the Employment Background Checks process is completed safely.

By checking the background, you can check if the employee’s values ​​match the company’s values. Service provides clear and GDPR compliant reports. Sanction Scanner allows searching by person’s name, ID number, or passport number.


August 17, 2021, published on Sanction Scanner


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