US: Brokers and Banks Helped Drug Cartels from Honduras Laundered $Millions


The case of a Honduran money launderer soon to be sentenced in the United States has shed light on the importance of brokers and US bank accounts for repatriating drug money.

Kensy García Torres, a financial broker for a Honduran cartel, recently pled guilty to laundering over $1.8 million in drug money between 2018 and 2019, according to a plea agreement filed with prosecutors in the Southern District of Florida. García Torres was arrested in Miami earlier this year and her sentencing is reportedly scheduled for August 12.


According to the charges against her, García Torres contacted an FBI informant in late 2018 to help the group launder money in Miami. US prosecutors did not identify the group by name but alleged its leader was Fredy Donaldo Marmol Vallejo – a former top leader of Honduras’ Atlantic Cartel, which manages cocaine-smuggling operations on the country’s Caribbean coast.


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Working on García Torres’ instructions, the FBI informant collected five bulk cash payments – stuffed in duffel bags or briefcases – from hotels and other locations in Miami. The payments totaled between $77,000 and $359,000 and were proceeds from drug trafficking, according to US prosecutors.


July 29, 2022 Published by InsightCrime.

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