Iran is Attempting to Establish a Hezbollah-like organization in the West Bank and overthrow Hamas in Gaza

Israel recently seized Iranian money in the West Bank in the amount of approximately NIS 500,000, and the Palestinian Authority seized a similar amount. The Iranian money was intended for the organization and financing of the freelance Palestinian terrorists, who lack organization, who are multiplying in the West Bank, such as Ibrahim al Nabulsi, whom Israeli forces killed about a month ago in the Kasbah of Nablus.

Iran’s goal is to establish a strong, rich, and organized terrorist organization, such as Hezbollah in Lebanon, from terrorists who are not affiliated with any organization, which it will try to develop as a revolutionary Islamic Palestinian organization under the auspices of the Revolutionary Guards. A Palestinian source told tipp that Ibrahim Nabulsi received Iranian money transferred to him from Islamic Jihad. Regarding the ways in which Iranian money is transferred to the extremist Islamic organizations in the West Bank and in them for Jihad, see our previous reports.


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The increase in the flow of Iranian money to the Islamic Jihad in recent years has greatly strengthened the organization, in a way that has made Hamas fear that the Jihad’s intention is to take over the Gaza Strip and oust Hamas from power. Following this decision by Hamas to weaken the jihad, Hamas took part in handing over the head of the Islamic Jihad in the West Bank to Israel, an event that led to a military conflict between Israel and the Islamic Jihad.

Following this warning by Hamas to Jihad which was manifested in the extradition of the head of Jihad in the West Bank, the head of Jihad Nachala announced about a week ago that unity with Hamas is important to the Palestinian people, and in his words, he even hinted that Jihad prefers its relations with Hamas over its close relations with Hezbollah and Iran.

This tension created between Hamas on the one hand and Iran, Hezbollah, and Jihad on the other, apparently resulted in the fact that Iran is now trying to establish an extreme Islamic body that will be brought under its control, in a way that will both allow Jihad to grow stronger and ease the tension with Hamas. Jihad participates in this Iranian effort, by financing the Palestinian freelancers with Iranian funds that are transferred to it, because a new radical Islamic organization will allow it to be built alongside Hamas without interference, and on the other hand, Jihad will uphold its doctrine of promoting the Islamic revolution, according to which the Palestinians will in the future be but a part Islamic caliphate and not a nation state.

Traditionally, the Islamic Jihad blurs the essential difference between the extreme Shia Islam in Iran, and the ideological origin of the Jihad organization which is in the Sunni extreme Islam of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel is apparently aware of this Iranian plan, and the signs of this are its uncompromising and frequent war in recent months against the terrorist organizations, especially in the northern West Bank. This Iranian effort even results in the strengthening of the security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, which according to Nachala who spoke last week is the one that persecutes and betrays its people to Israel.


September 4, 2022 Published by The Israeli Post Palestinian.

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