Report: Britain Opportunistically Announce Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a Terrorist Organization

i-aml Britain Opportunistically Announce Iran's Revolutionary Guards a Terrorist Organization

After the arrest of British citizens who participated in the hijab protests in the country was reported in Iran, the move that is expected to be announced within weeks is being promoted in the kingdom. The change in classification will mean that belonging to the Revolutionary Guards will be considered a criminal offense, and it will be forbidden to participate in official meetings and wear its logo in the territories of Great Britain.

Britain will officially declare Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist organization, after the military last week arrested seven people, including dual British citizens, on suspicion of participating in the country’s protests. This was reported in the British “Telegraph”, citing sources.

The move, which is expected to be announced within weeks, was supported by British Homeland Security Minister Tom Tugendhat and Interior Minister Suala Braverman. The announcement will mean that belonging to the Revolutionary Guards in the territory of the United Kingdom will be considered a criminal offense, and participation in meetings or carrying the logo of the organization in public will be prohibited. The British Home Office did not respond to the report.


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Iran’s state media reported last week the arrest of seven people, including dual British citizens, who are suspected of having participated in the hijab protests, which have been taking place in the country for nearly four months. After the report, British Prime Minister Rishi Sonk urged Tehran to stop arresting protesters with dual citizenship, saying the practice should not be used to gain “diplomatic leverage.”

This week, the Iranian media reported the arrest of several local soccer players who celebrated New Year’s Eve at a “mixed” party, where there were men and women. The party was east of Tehran. The Iranian news agency “Tasnim” reported that “several footballers and former players of one of the biggest clubs in Tehran were arrested during a mixed party in the city of Damband.” It was not announced how many were arrested.

In recent months, Iran has been going through an upheaval following the “hijab protest”, the wave of demonstrations that began in September after the death of the young Kurdish woman Mehsa Amini. She died at the age of 22, a few days after she was arrested by Tehran’s morality police because she was “negligent” in wearing the hijab – and therefore violated the laws of modesty. During the wave of protests, several Iranian soccer players who expressed support for the protest were arrested, and others were taken for questioning.

At the beginning of last month, the first demonstrator of the protest, 23-year-old Mohsen Shekhari, was executed, who was convicted of stabbing and injuring one of the members of the security forces, as well as blocking a street in Tehran. He was executed in prison. Human rights organizations reported that Shakari was tortured in detention and was forced to confess what was attributed to him.


January 3, 2023 Published by YNet News.

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