Israel: FX Affiliate Suspected of NIS 500 Million in Money Laundering Allegations

i-aml israeli fx affiliate arrested

Unconfirmed reports of an arrest in Herzliya. The allegations appear to be money laundering. Finance Magnates understands through unconfirmed reports that an as-yet-unnamed affiliate based in Israel has been arrested on suspicion of alleged money laundering.

In a police raid believed to have been conducted this week in the Mediterranean coastal city of Herzliya, it is understood the owner of a long-established affiliation and marketing company specialising in financial trading, has been arrested.

Full details, at this stage, are yet to be released. However, Finance Magnates has learned of the arrest through multiple, as yet unconfirmed sources.

While it may be unrelated, a local media company has reported that Israeli police arrested 21 individuals this week on suspicion of criminal activity including money laundering. Businesses were raided across Israel from the North to the South.



The estimated amount that has been laundered by the businesses involved, according to local reports, is estimated at NIS 500,000,000.

Recently, the Israeli police has been very active in combating fraud and past criminal activity in the financial sector with a number of Israeli citizens arrested in both Israel and abroad. In October, 2 Israeli citizens connected with financial trading were arrested after Germany requested their extradition.


May 11, 2022 Published by The Finance Magnates.

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