Allegations: Israel Football Team Involved in International Money Laundering Fraud

i-aml israel football team in money laundering

The courts in Israel and Cyprus are about to file a lawsuit on suspicion of international fraud, with some of the money being laundered through the same group. Current investigation looking into other groups possibly involved.

The courts in Cyprus and Israel are about to file an international lawsuit in the near future, which allegedly involves an Israeli football team, which they used to launder some of the funds. The lawsuit is supposed to be filed for those allegedly involved in the same scam.

The Israeli business intelligence company BIWC GROUP, owned by Idan Barlev, was hired to investigate the affair by international clients. These are cryptocurrencies, bonds, stock shortages and the establishment of international websites as a fictional closure. The fraud is suspected to have been committed in many countries, including Ukraine, the Czech Republic and Cyprus.



Those international customers fell under the same alleged fraud, when it was carried out in all sorts of sophisticated ways. According to the allegations, funds were put into the same group by those related, as it appears they got their funds back.

According to the suspicion, international fraud has been going on since 2013. It is estimated at this stage that bites were estimated at tens of millions of dollars, with those who hired the Israeli intelligence company complaining about a sum of about $ 3.5 million that was stung from them. The possibility that another team in Israeli football was involved in some of the fraud is being investigated, and to understand how serious the suspicions are, this is an affair that Interpol is following.


May 16, 2022 Published by Ynet News One.

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