20,000 Liquid Cocaine filled Coconut bound to Europe from Colombia Seized

i-aml coconut cocaine

(Gray News) – Colombian authorities discovered a shipment of liquid cocaine smuggled in 20,000 coconuts. Authorities in Colombia discovered liquid cocaine hidden in nearly 20,000 coconuts when they intercepted a shipment headed for Italy.

In a release, Colombian authorities said a container holding the gigantic shipment of coconuts was set to leave Cartagena, Colombia, and was bound for Genoa, Italy. Anti-narcotics personnel found and confiscated 504 bags containing 19,780 export-type coconuts.

When the narcotics team inspected the coconuts, they discovered the water in the tropical fruit had been switched out with liquid cocaine. They then transported the coconuts to a laboratory to determine the exact amount of the drug.

Liquid cocaine is made by dissolving the powder using water or other solvents and can later be converted back into a powder form. Cocaine is harder to detect in its liquid form than in its powder form.

The Colombian authorities said they will continue investigating where the coconuts were loaded in the hopes of identifying those responsible.

They also plan to contact the Italian authorities to find out who was meant to receive the trafficked drugs..


January 31, 2022, published in Gray Media Group.

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