Reasons for Hamas to “Stop Accepting Financial Donations in Bitcoin”

The terrorist organization’s military arm has announced that it will stop accepting donations through the digital currency. In an official announcement it was stated that “we call on everyone to continue donating in the various ways available”

Fear in the terrorist organization: The Az ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Hamas organization, announced this coming Friday that it will stop accepting financial donations through the digital currency “Bitcoin”, as reported by the Palestinian news agency “Shahab”. The organization’s official announcement reads “We thank our people, the Arab and Islamic nation of the free people of the world for their material and continuous support for the Palestinian resistance and standing by it.

We announce the cessation of receiving financial donations through the digital currency, out of concern for the safety of the donors, especially in light of the increasing hostile effort to harm anyone who tries to support the resistance through this currency”.


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It was also written in an official announcement that “we call on everyone to continue contributing to the military arm in the various ways available.” Yesterday, another rapprochement between Hamas and Saudi Arabia was recorded. The authorities in the kingdom released Hani al-Khudri, the son of the representative of Hamas in the kingdom, Muhammad al-Khudri, who was released last October.

The release comes after a Hamas delegation, led by Ismail Haniyeh, arrived in the kingdom earlier this month. A Hamas official told the “Andolo” news agency that “this is an important step on the way to restoring bilateral relations between Saudi Arabia and Hamas after several years.”


September 28, 2023 Published by The Maariv Israel News.

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