Austria confiscates 20 million euros from the Muslim  Brotherhood, used to finance terrorism

Austria confiscates 20 million euros from the Muslim  Brotherhood, after it was proven that it was being used to finance terrorism.

Austrian Interior Minister, Karl Nehmer, confirmed that 20 million euros of the Brotherhood’s funds were confiscated, most of which were assets, and the rest was liquid money.

Nehmer said – in statements to him today, Saturday – that 100 thousand euros were seized as liquid money with one of the group’s members, which is the highest outcome for one individual, noting that the investigators confirm that there is a strong link between the owners of these funds and terrorist acts.

Nehmer explained that these elements have been under surveillance and investigation for more than a year, indicating that 21,000 hours of monitoring have been conducted on these elements, and more than 1.2 million pictures of meetings and gatherings of suspicious people have been collected, which now need further evaluation and examination.

A few days ago, the Austrian Ministry of Interior launched a raid campaign against 60 Brotherhood homes and shops in 4 Austrian states, 30 people were arrested, and the assets that were confiscated were initially estimated at 25 million euros.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of the Interior deployed anti-terror forces in various city fields in Austria in anticipation of new terrorist attacks following the attack in central Vienna, which occurred on November 2, killing 4 and wounding 22 people after an automatic weapon attack by a terrorist of Macedonian origin, and the police killed him immediately.


November 14, 2020, Published on YOUM7

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