Dubai: Al- Buraq Group has appointment Ella Rosenberg as representative in Israel

I-AML Ella Rosenberg

Al- Buraq Group has announced its collaboration with Ella Rosenberg, the leading EU regulatory consultant and her appointment as a local representative in Israel.

Al- Buraq Group is the leading in the UAE for corporate services, access to free trade zones, international trade, financial licensing and global export. The Group focuses on access of the UAE market to foreign trade companies, cargo and shipping, corporate services and establishing a commercial foothold in the UAE market. Al- Buraq Group is a well-established and recognized market leader in the field of corporate sponsorship service, Licensing, Outsourcing Services, Business Center Service in the United Arab Emirates. Al Buraq is a Holding company in UAE have more than 18 years of experience in the same field.

Ella Rosenberg is an EU regulatory consultant based in Tel Aviv, and is viewed as one of the Fintech, HLS, Maritime and Proptech EU Law opinion leaders  in the Middle East. She frequently consults foreign governments, Electronic Money Institutions (EMIs) and financial institutions on their Anti Money Laundering practices, in the Gulf and the European continent. Ella was involved in drafting the compliance teams for banks, financial institutions, firearms and drones companies, in addition to maritime compliance, export and trade in the EU and the Middle East, in addition to being a frequent Op-Ed contributor on i-aml, Israel Defense, Finance Magnates, The Fintech Buzz, ReadDive, Drone Life and Unissu.

Ella also formulated compliance teams for EMIs, banks and financial institutions across Asia and the EU. She is viewed as one of the leading regulatory figures bringing 6 AMLD into implementation in the EU and non- EU states.

This strategic alliance is of vast importance to the UAE and Israeli Market, which is not only unique but also innovative and allows companies in Israel, Europe and the US to receive boutique access to free zones in the UAE, double licensing for financial institutions and export companies, in addition to full corporate and banking support.


December 30, 2020




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