Egypt: Al-Swireki arrested on charges of joining and financing a terrorist group

The Egyptian security forces arrested the businessman Sayed Ragab Al-Sweerky, the owner of the “Al-Tawhid wa Al-Noor” shop, which sells fabrics, clothes and equipment, on charges of financing and joining a terrorist group.

Reuters: The arrest of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Juhayna Food Industries.

Informed sources said, “It is decided that Al-Sweirki will appear before the investigation authorities to confront him with the charges against him.”

Egyptian security accuses him of financing and belonging to the “Muslim Brotherhood” terrorist group.

Sayed Ragab Al-Swireki was born in 1945 in the Dakahlia governorate. He is married and has four children: Ahmed, Muhammad, Abdel-Rahman and Abdullah, from his first wife, Farida Othman.


December 5, 2020, Source: RT + “The Seventh Day”


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