Hezbollah behind shipment of seized Captagon in Saudi Arabia: Independent Persian

Sources told the Independent Persian that there was no doubt that Lebanon’s Hezbollah was behind the Captagon drug shipment seized in Saudi Arabia.

The source confirmed Hezbollah’s links to narcotics, especially Captagon pills production in Syria, and refuted claims by Hezbollah affiliates that the group was not involved in narcotics.

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The source told Independent Persian that Hezbollah controls the drug trade, and their smuggling through the legal and illegal border crossings between Syria and Lebanon, and therefore there is no doubt that the source of the pills is the same as the laboratories inside Syria.

“Those pills were produced in Syria, and then smuggled to Lebanon, where they were eventually smuggled to Saudi Arabia,” the source added to Independent Persian.

Al Hadath also reported that the shipment of drugs seized by Saudi Arabia was smuggled from the port of Beirut without inspection, under the pretext of the absence of scanning devices.

An attempt to smuggle over 2.4 million amphetamine narcotic tablets into Saudi Arabia was foiled and seized by Saudi Customs on Friday, Saudi Press Agency SPA reported.

The tablets were hidden in a pomegranate fruit shipment coming from Lebanon.


By Rawad Taha, April 25 ,2021, Published on Al Arabiya

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