Israel: An International football stinging prevented

Betar Jerusalem, A leading Israeli football club, announced: We thwarted a stinging attempt of NIS 12 million (Approximately  3.8 Million USD).

A serious case of attempted sting operation of Betar Jerusalem in the amount of more than NIS 12 million was thwarted thanks to the attention of the club’s members and owner Moshe Hogg, the group spokesman said.

In recent days, the AEK Athens and Kansas City football clubs were supposed to transfer funds for the sale of two football players,  Levi Garcia and Gadi Kinda. When Betar approached the clubs, it became clear that in recent days they somebody had sent the clubs fake emails and faxes allegedly from the club’s managers. Following the request from Betar, the clubs canceled the bank transactions after they had already submitted transferred the money, which now  should reach Betar’s bank account.

Betar Jerusalem stated: “In recent days, e-mails and faxes have been sent to the foreign football clubs, as well as forged phone calls and signatures of club members, the CEO, the CFO and the secretary, including the club’s stamp, in which the clubs were asked to transfer funds to Hong Kong (Kinda) and Singaporean (Garcia) bank accounts.

“The owners and management of Betar Football Club, accompanied by Attorney Ronen Mozson, acted quickly facing the other football clubs, who canceled the transactions after they had already transferred the money, and in the coming days it is expected to reach Betar’s account safely. At the same time, Betar approached the Israelis police’s cyber department to investigate the matter in depth. “


By Nadav Zanzipar, Janury 24, 2021, published on Ynet (Hebrew)

Pics from Football Clubs Websites, Wikipedia

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