Israel: IDF confiscates Hamas 150 digital wallets in Gaza

Defense Minister Ganz signed an order to seize NIS 2.6 million worth of Hamas-linked terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip

Following the order, about 150 digital wallets belonging to an exchange company in the Gaza Strip of the Shmalach family, which is used to transfer money to Hamas, were seized.

A joint operation by the IDF Intelligence Division, the National Economic Counter-Terrorism Headquarters (Ministry of Defense) in the Ministry of Defense, the National Cyber ​​Unit in Lahav 433 in the Israel Police and the Cyber ​​Department of the State Attorney’s Office revealed an infrastructure of cryptocurrencies managed by the Shmalach family in the Gaza Strip. Serves as a pipeline to the Hamas terrorist organization and to fund the activities of its military arm.

The seizure of cryptocurrencies, worth about NIS 2.6 million, is one of the significant seizures of assets in recent years and constitutes a real damage to the exchange company and its abilities to help finance the terrorist organization.

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