Israel Police: Printing money and money laundering in the south of the Israel

In recent months, investigative materials have accumulated in the Police National Unit for Combating Economic Crime in Lahav 433 unit and the Fraud Unit in the Southern District, pointing to a number of suspects allegedly engaged in the production, counterfeiting and distribution of money (coins). According to the suspicion, the owners of a workshop in Ashdod allegedly turned the place, along with 3 other suspects, into a laboratory where the forgeries were committed.

In addition to the suspicions, it emerged that the criminal activity was carried out through the bank accounts of one of the suspects, who allegedly committed money laundering offenses amounting to more than NIS 5 million. Upon moving to an open investigation, the four suspects were arrested tonight, and later the court extended their detention.

In a raid on the workshop by detectives and Police National Unit for Combating Economic Crime investigators, together with Lachish forensic police and representatives of the Bank of Israel’s currency department – dozens of coins were seized in bulk, raw material, engravings and modern machines that were apparently used for forgery. Additional counterfeit coins were found in the homes of some of the suspects. The investigation continues.

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