Israeli gas on the way to Lebanon and Syria

After long-running contacts, the US approved the deal • The reason: Lebanon suffers from a severe energy crisis and prolonged power outages • The goal: to create an alternative to Iran’s influence in Lebanon • Method of transfer: from Israeli gas reserves to Jordan, and from there to Syria and Lebanon

First publication: The United States tonight approves a gas supply agreement to Lebanon and gives the green light for a dramatic move: The gas that Jordan will supply through the pipeline to Syria and from there to Lebanon – will come from Israel. Details about this deal were reported by Ehud Yaari on the N12 news.

The United States is in fact exempting this move from the sanctions it has imposed on the Assad regime, and the gas that will reach Jordan will be from the Israeli Tamar and Leviathan reservoirs.

The person who constructed this agreement is the US special envoy for energy, Amos Hochstein, and behind the move – which is also in line with President Putin – is to create an alternative to Iran’s aid efforts to Lebanon.

Lebanon, it will be recalled, is suffering from a severe energy crisis and as a result of multiple and prolonged power outages. For the first time, Israeli gas arriving in Lebanon will solve the crisis in the country.


By Nir Dvory, January 15, 2022, Published on N12 NEws

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