US Sanctions to Ethiopia for Human Rights Violation

i-AML US Sanctions to Ethiopia for Human Rights Violation

What’s Happening in Ethiopia? The Tigray civil war that broke out in Ethiopia in 2020 shook both national and international balances. It has caused a severe humanitarian crisis in the long run since its inception.

In this process, extrajudicial killings, arrests due to ethnic origin, torture, gang rape, and attacks, worsening living conditions, malnutrition of the population and the fact that they are struggling with hunger, their rights and freedoms being taken away, their basic needs such as water, electricity and the internet are out of use in question. Despite the fact that the UN and many countries call on the government many times and impose sanctions to ensure stability in the region, due to the war crimes and human rights violations, it maintains its war effectiveness.


America’s Role in Ethiopia

President of the United States, Biden, has called for a ceasefire since the war raged and tried to block it by imposing many sanctions on the country. The attitude of the USA here is evaluated as supporting TPFL against the Ethiopian government, and it is stated that it is effective in the escalation of events. At the same time, the Ethiopian government tried the United States to support the separatist terrorist organization TPFL and put the elected government and terrorist groups on the same level.


Ethiopia Sanctions Axis of America’s Laws

In May, the United States first sanctioned Ethiopia to remove it from customs exemptions imposed on African countries under the African Development and Opportunity Law.

The New Sanctions, on the other hand, were introduced under executive order number 14046 as a result of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA); Biden declared a National Emergency with authority given by the National Emergency Law and evaluated it as a threat to the national security and foreign policy of the USA.

In addition to OFAC sanctions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the departure of US citizens in Ethiopia by their own forces and established a task force to supervise it.


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America was advocating that the civil war in Ethiopia should be prevented through diplomatic means and was negotiating on this issue. Most recently, America has introduced a bill within the scope of horns of Africa, which includes imposing sanctions on persons and institutions and organizations in Ethiopia. Sanctions will be imposed on those who undermine the peace to be provided in Ethiopia and prevent aid.

While gross human rights violations were committed during this civil war, democracy was damaged, institutions and organizations were emptied, humanitarian aid processes were undermined, and profit maximization was tried to be achieved through this. Sanctions to these and those who provide equipment to those who do them were announced in this bill. According to the bill, there is pressure to block the support and loans of Washington’s international monetary fund and similar institutions to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. At the same time, there was a question of providing support and funding to Ethiopia’s projects up to this time, and it was decided to stop them.


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