Uzbekistan: only low-level officials are prosecuted for corruption

The Anti-Corruption Agency reported on the detention of seven heads of district and city administrations during nine months of this year on suspicion of corruption. The news was presented as evidence of the fight against large-scale embezzlement from the budget, for which 647 low-level officials have been prosecuted and 191 cases are under investigation.


ACCA previously wrote about the pace of counteraction against embezzlers. For more than a year, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the Senate mentioned the corrupt actions of the hokim of Khojaabad district of Andijan region. Then they forced him to resign. For many months, government agencies have helplessly observed the ineffective spending of $ 485 thousand on the construction of water facilities, the operation of which was supposed to start in 2018.

In the Agency’s document, the largest number of corrupt people are among the humanists: 89 employees of the Ministry of Public Education and 36 employees of the Ministry of Preschool Education were brought to trial. How much has been stolen in education area since the beginning of the year, the Agency doesn’t inform. In 2019, in the Ministry of Education, the amount of theft of funds was 2.7 times higher compared to 2018 and amounted to $ 3.1 million.

Theft from the budget of kindergartens in the system of the Ministry of Preschool Education amounted to about $ 1 million, which is 1.5 times more than the amount of theft in 2018.

93 officers of the security forces ended up in the dock. The Agency’s list doesn’t include employees of the Ministry of Mahalla and Family Affairs. Their employees stole humanitarian aid during quarantine.

According to the Agency, the damage from corruption offenses of officials for three quarters amounted to almost $ 20 million.


November 23, 2020, published on ACCA




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