January 2021 - 3rd Edition

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5 Terrorism Trends to Watch in 2021

Among many critical national security lessons, 2020 emphasized the importance of staying nimble as multiple threats simultaneously unfold. A pandemic was coupled with the most active Atlantic hurricane season in history, political tension and protests kept law enforcement on its toes, and entities from critical infrastructure operators to local governments and houses of worship were forced to assess and adjust security postures based on an overlapping – and often overwhelming – saturation of threats. Even the response to COVID-19 gave

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Money Laundering Through Real Estate 

There are many methods of money laundering, and criminals are discovering new ways every day. One of the most used methods is real estate. As is known, money laundering takes place with large amounts of money. Criminals try to launder large amounts of money that they cannot buy cash. Real

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China hits back at foreign sanctions on Chinese companies and individuals

Ministry of Commerce says new rules on ‘unjustified extraterritorial application of foreign legislation’ take effect immediately. Order comes after the United States this week threatened new sanctions on Hong Kong and mainland China. China on Saturday issued a new order to prohibit firms from complying with foreign laws banning transactions

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