January 2022 4th Edition

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Top 5 Surveillance Investigations of 2021

Surveillance tech is worming its way into our airports and border crossings, our police stations and even our schools. But, fortunately, investigative journalists went all-out in 2021. From a deep-dive into the dark side of pandemic tech in Singapore’s techno-utopia to an in-depth look at how schools are spending thousands on unreliable “aggression detectors” in the name of student safety, global reporters have been holding Big Tech accountable for its role in fueling authoritarianism worldwide. These are a few of the investigations

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Gaming company fined €386,000 for money laundering breaches

Online Amusement Solution Limited failed to properly monitor its customers A gaming company has been fined more than €386,000 for breaching anti-money laundering rules. The Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit said Online Amusement Solution Limited failed to report suspicious activity or properly monitor politically exposed players on its gambling sites. It was handed

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Failure to use technology is hindering the fight against financial crime

A new survey has highlighted the importance of technology in the efforts of financial institutions to combat financially-motivated criminals. The study, published by Guidehouse & American Banker/Arizent has recommended that tech solutions need to be aligned with broader fraud mitigation programmes in order for organisations to start making ground on

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