Mid-December 2020

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I-AML Harpoon

Mossad Harpoon Unit – “Show me the money”

“Show me the money”: Behind the scenes of Israel’s economic fight against terrorism . Ways to persuade Palestinian bankers to cooperate, the cold response of Arab bankers and the terrorist attack that prompted Americans to cooperate. A glimpse into Israel’s secret war on terrorist funds. Chapter from the book “Harpon” published by Yedioth Books Adnan ran a small but successful bank. The bank was located in the West Bank, but had interests throughout the Arab world. The bank was not

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Inside the Sinaloa Cartel’s Move Toward Europe

Police agencies have long known that Mexican drug cartels help supply Europe’s nearly US$10 billion annual cocaine habit, but acknowledge they have little idea about the workings of these highly organized and well-financed operations. But now, a recent Italian police investigation, code-named Operation Halcon, has provided the most in-depth look

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