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How a Russian couple sold €679 million worth of weapons from their Madrid home 

The Kokorev family are accused of money laundering for Teodoro Obiang, the longtime dictator of Equatorial Guinea A married couple living on the upscale Madrid street Pintor Rosales received €120 million from the state coffers of Equatorial Guinea through the sale of weapons, ships and helicopters to the oil-rich West African State, which was formerly a Spanish colony. The cost of the purchases was grossly marked up and the transaction was made with the help of family members and generals of Teodoro

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Risk-Based Approach to Non-Face-to-Face Clients

It is a general judgment that non-face-to-face transactions are riskier than face-to-face transactions due to the fact that the customer’s face cannot be verified in these transactions. For this, some institutions may require branch visits to verify the identity of the customer. The number of non-face-to-face customers has increased considerably

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Since trafficking in human beings continues to evolve, with criminals employing ever more sophisticated and subtle modus operandi, a multi-disciplinary approach to combat trafficking is not only recommended but necessary. In recent years, several reports have emerged alluding to the nexus between terrorism and trafficking in human beings, including within

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