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Jet-Setting DJ — Cousin of Azerbaijan’s President — Accused of Receiving Millions In Suspicious Funds

Jet-Setting DJ — Cousin of Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev — Accused of Receiving Millions In Suspicious Funds “Mikaela Jav” made a name for herself as a DJ, spinning infectious electronic beats on the Spanish island of Ibiza, long famed for its fervent nightlife. The host of “Mikaela & Friends” parties, which kicked off on Saturday nights in the summer of 2015, also had an active presence on Facebook, where she posted sultry, jet-setting photos in Greece, Thailand, and Las Vegas. In

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Anti-Money Laundering Changed Over Time

Anti-Money Laundering has been in development for a long time. It will continue to evolve as technology evolves, as new crimes emerge, and existing measures become insufficient. All regulatory bodies work very hard to prevent Money Laundering; both global and local regulations are updated periodically. Changing and updating regulations has changed

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Money Laundering from Environmental Crime

Environmental crime – such as forestry crime, illegal mining and waste trafficking – is an extremely profitable criminal enterprise, generating billions in criminal gains each year. It fuels corruption, and converges with many other serious and organised crimes, such as tax fraud, drug trafficking and forced labour. This FATF Report identifies methods

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