July 2022 2nd Edition

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i-aml Vegetable sellers Lamborghini the offenders method of money laundering

Vegetable Sellers Lamborghini: the Offenders’ Method of Money Laundering

Lamborghini, Porsche, Ferrari and Chevrolet Corvette are just some of the luxury car models found by police investigators registered in the names of vegetable dealers. In another case, a Mazerati vehicle worth more than a million shekels was registered in the name of an unemployed person. Thus the criminals found a sophisticated way of money laundering. Investigators from the Lahav 433 unit and central units in the north of the country and the Hof district recently arrested dozens of criminals

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i-aml Bloody Trade in Supply Chain by Syrian Phosphates into Europe

Bloody Trade in Supply Chain by Syrian Phosphates into Europe

European countries have recently resumed imports of phosphate, a key ingredient in fertilizer from Syria. The trade enriches sanctioned oligarchs, war profiteers, and the Syrian government, but has continued thanks to legal loopholes. Key Findings Imports of Syrian phosphates into Europe have boomed over the past several years. The importers

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