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Shady Clients from Around the World Moved Billions Through Estonia

Newly Obtained Audit Report Details How Shady Clients from Around the World Moved Billions Through Estonia Billions of dollars in dirty money flowed through Danske Bank’s branch in Estonia, an explosive 2014 audit revealed. The original report had never been made public, until now. Key Findings: The audit report provides an inside look at tactics used to move money around the world without accounting for it — and shows how Danske turned a blind eye to them. Danske’s foreign clients

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The Tactics People Are Using to Get Their Money Out of China

Finding ways around the rules is something of a national pastime. There’s barely a global asset that isn’t influenced by Chinese money, from the latest hot Hong Kong public offering to luxury apartments in Vancouver. Technically though, most of these purchases are the result of loopholes exploited by Chinese citizens

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French Draft Law Is a Warning to Corrupt Leaders 

PARIS – France may soon join just a handful of countries, including the United States and Switzerland, with far-reaching legislation aimed to repatriate confiscated stolen assets to their countries of origin. A luxury townhouse on Avenue Foch — one of Paris’ chicest addresses — is caught up in a yearslong

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