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How Are NFTs Used for Wash Trading & Money Laundering?

NFTs are controversial for so many reasons. Their links to money laundering are just another problem, but it’s the same as regular art, no? Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a frequent fixture in the headlines. One day, someone is making millions selling “digital art” as an NFT. The next, a would-be NFT start-up has rug-pulled its investors, stealing all of their money. There is little doubt about it: NFTs are controversial. One thing levied at NFTs is their role in money

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Top 10 Most Corrupt Countries in the World

How bad is public sector corruption around the world, and how do different countries compare? No matter your system of government, the public sector plays a vital role in establishing your economic mobility and political freedoms. Measuring corruption—the abuse of power for private gain—reveals how equal a system truly is.

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Strip clubs and fraud: the trial of an unconventional Swiss banker

One of the biggest fraud trials in Swiss financial history is about to get underway. Pierin Vincenz, former CEO of Swiss bank Raiffeisen, will be in court along with alleged accomplices including Beat Stocker, ex-boss of digital payments company Aduno. Vincenz and Stocker are accused of illegally lining their pockets

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