Mid-January 2021

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US Justice Department: A worldwide money laundering conspiracy of $1bn, circumventing sanctions on Tehran

Justice Department alleges a worldwide money laundering conspiracy of roughly $1bn to circumvent sanctions on Tehran. The US government collected $7m in Iranian assets for victims of state-sponsored “terrorism”, the Justice Department said on Tuesday. The money was the US share of a civil forfeiture that targeted attempts to violate sanctions on Iran with fraudulent transfers of about $1bn of Iranian-owned funds to accounts around the world, it said in a statement. The Justice Department claimed in a statement the conspiracy

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China: Ex-Finance Chief Sentences to Death on Corruption

China condemned the former chairman of China Huarong Asset Management Co. to death on charges of taking bribes, one of the most severe sentences to stem from President Xi Jinping’s anti-corruption drive. Lai Xiaomin, who was chairman of Huarong before he came under investigation in 2018, was also found guilty of corruption

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Lithuania: The Center of Excellence in AML

As of October 2020, the Government of Lithuania gave the green light by approving the Center of Excellence in Anti-Money Laundering, a unique public-private cooperation project initiated and successfully progressed by Lithuania’s Bank to strengthen the prevention of money laundering and fight against terrorist financing. With this decision, the Lithuanian

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