International Financial Investigations

International Financial Investigations

Private Entities

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i-AML financial investigators provides the coverage and expertise necessary to address the complex challenges facing our clients in a world of ever-evolving fraud schemes. Our experts have spent years “following the money” globally to solve complex frauds and disputes, and they understand the importance of in-depth analysis of documents from multiple sources to inform investigative findings. Whether the matter involves internal and external fraud, regulatory and law enforcement scrutiny,  our experts have the depth and breadth of experience to find answers efficiently and effectively for our clients.

Our private entities clients also have the benefit of our long and varied experience working for and interacting with domestic and international regulatory bodies and law enforcement agencies, to better inform our clients of regulatory expectations and methodologies. i-AML’s professionals are not only experts in forensic accounting, but are also highly regarded in the fields of financial crime compliance and due diligence. Many of our team members have native language capabilities, and a number are experienced former prosecutors.

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