Tech-Based Client Engagement that Increases Revenues – The Ultimate Shortcut

No matter how successful your company is at driving sales, improving your client engagement processes and conversion rates is a never-ending goal. According to a recent global study by Salesforce, 80% of customers say the user experiences provided by a company are as important to them as its products and services. In other words, providing your customer a quality product is no longer sufficient for good business. For a company to distinguish themselves from the competitor down the street, they must understand what it is a customer wants and personalize the consumer buying process to create a positive experience. Providing a positive user experience is essential in forming a lasting impression on a customer that makes them want to return.

Client Engagement focuses on optimizing interactions between a customer and a brand to create said positive experience. These interactions often occur through various channels such as brick-and-mortar or e-commerce stores, live chats, social media, and email, just to name a few. Whether they’re active interactions such as a store clerk approaching you or passive interactions such as social media advertisements, these moments dictate how a consumer feels about a company. Did the company offer help when it was needed? Were they overbearing or supportive? These are questions that customers might ask themselves when assessing their experience and forming their perception of the brand.

To form a strong impression, it is important for a company to first provide a flawless on-boarding process. Intuitive products and services with few disruptions prevent friction for new users and increase acceptance. In addition, a gamification strategy can be deployed to provide an exciting, unique, and memorable onboarding experience. This level of engagement is particularly beneficial for companies in financial verticals with a lot of paperwork and tedious onboarding requirements (Insurance, Loan, Mortgage, etc.). Additional value can also be provided after the initial adoption of the product. Engaging with clients in a seamless, non-intrusive manner can make them feel well supported long after the purchase and strengthen their impression of the brand.

Ultimately, a company wants its consumers to feel a sense of emotional connection to their brand. Salesforce research shows that 95% of customers say their trust in a company makes them more likely to remain loyal to that brand, while 93% say their trust will make them recommend that company to others. Building this trust is especially relevant today because personalized engagement depends on data collected from the consumer. So how does a company increase customer engagement to provide the best user experience possible?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of companies who offer tools and resources designed to maximize customer engagement opportunities and increase customer retention rates:

Solitics is a real time customer engagement and analytics platform that helps organizations create a personalized customer experience, without a long, expensive data project. Solitics’ enables its customers toimprove marketing & retention strategy, personalize customer journeys & increase campaigns efficiency, by seamlessly integrating all distributed data sources and communication channels to one centralized platform, in under 30 days. Tomer Baumel, Solitics Founder and CEO, indicated that the company resolves a clear pain, delivering a cutting-edge solution to using distributed data in real time, to optimize marketing efforts across all market sectors.

LogMeIn provides a comprehensive suite of technology solutions to businesses focused on remote work and customer engagement. The Bold360AI product streamlines customer service and reduces costs by precisely balancing AI-powered chatbots with human agents. Meanwhile, Rescue offers a secure and customizable way to provide customers with efficient desktop support remotely.


Neuroprofiler uniquely assesses an investor’s profile through a digital and gamified questionnaire focused on behavioral finance. Compared to traditional questionnaires used by financial advisors, Neuroprofiler’s algorithm offers greater predictability of investor behavior and identifies the most suitable assets for them.

Babator uses a cross-site video discovery engine to help predict viewer habits and match videos with advertisement reflecting viewer preferences. Artificial intelligence is used to form behavioral-based clusters of viewers for greater personalization and increased viewing time. The AI solution seamlessly integrates into any website or app thus automatically adding video players on-site at the optimal time and location.


There are a lot of opportunities for companies to engage their clients and build a positive consumer experience. These opportunities extend far beyond the final sale of a product and can determine whether a customer returns or not.


By Nir Netzer | CPA (LL.B, MBA) |

Founding Partner at Equitech Group |

Chairman of the Israeli FinTech Association – FinTech-Aviv |



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