October 1st Edition 2022

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i-AML 2022 World Bank Group Sanctions System Annual Report

2022 World Bank Group Sanctions System Annual Report

The World Bank Group’s commitment to fighting corruption is reflected in robust mechanisms across the institution that enhance the integrity of our operations. We take very seriously any allegation of fraud, corruption, or other sanctionable practices in the programs we finance. The World Bank Group reviews all complaints it receives, including those submitted anonymously. All information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. INT launched a Strategy Update following a robust consultation process that, while maintaining focus on INT’s

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i-AML Corruption Risks of AI Artificial Intelligence

Corruption Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) make headlines almost daily, while the anti-corruption community is increasingly recognising the impact of intelligent machines. Policy institutions and academics highlight the potential use of AI to detect fraud and corruption. While this bright side even leads some to proclaim AI as the “next frontier

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