April 2022 2nd Edition

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US: Russian Ukraine War Sanctions Affects Diamond Industry from India

An escape clause in US sanctions allows Russian diamonds to enter global markets after being cut and polished in India. The sparkle is missing for the world’s biggest diamond miner these days. Russian giant Alrosa’s share prices have dropped by more than 17 percent since Moscow invaded Ukraine in February, triggering sanctions that have also targeted the company and Russia’s diamond industry. But in one of the planet’s biggest diamond hubs, some 4,800km (3,000 miles) away, optimism reigns for now.

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Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Sued Over Afghanistan Dead

Deutsche Bank AG, Standard Chartered Plc and Danske Bank A/S were sued by the families of Americans killed and wounded during the war in Afghanistan who claim they “knowingly facilitated transfers of millions” of dollars that provided aid to terrorists in the region. The banks and two money transmitters functioned as “laundromats,”

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