April 2021 3rd Edition

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Three tips for beginning a career in compliance

The last decade or so has seen a significant increase in the scale and responsibility of the compliance function. Major financial institutions have made substantial investments in the sector, resulting in a huge array of opportunities for those looking to work in compliance. Although this increase in interest has been led by financial services, other industries have upped their focus in the area as well. The added attention has helped raise the status of compliance, which is now recognized as

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Underwater Drone Would Have Secretly Delivered Cocaine to Europe

A successful Detroit telecommunications businessman secretly bankrolled the development and construction of an underwater drone, which could have been used to move tons of cocaine to Europe, according to a recently unsealed US indictment. Marty Tibbitts, an outwardly successful company owner and flight hobbyist, was also known as Dale Johnson

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Cyprus Launches New Registry that Identifies Company Owners

Trying to combat its reputation as a money-laundering haven, Cyprus has launched a new registry that requires companies to reveal their true beneficiaries – a measure the country said it has adopted to improve transparency and comply with European Union regulations.  The so-called Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) registry prevents the

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