January 2022 3rd Edition

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Israeli gas on the way to Lebanon and Syria

After long-running contacts, the US approved the deal • The reason: Lebanon suffers from a severe energy crisis and prolonged power outages • The goal: to create an alternative to Iran’s influence in Lebanon • Method of transfer: from Israeli gas reserves to Jordan, and from there to Syria and Lebanon First publication: The United States tonight approves a gas supply agreement to Lebanon and gives the green light for a dramatic move: The gas that Jordan will supply through

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USA: Justice Department Forms Domestic Terrorism Unit

The move is in keeping with Attorney General Merrick B. Garland’s vow to make combating domestic terrorism a priority. The Justice Department is creating a unit to fight domestic terrorism at a time when the threat of violent extremism has increased, a top official said on Tuesday. The number of F.B.I. investigations

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Expected 2022 AML Trends

To keep ahead of the digital competition, firms must continually contemporize their systems. Criminals are employing cutting-edge technology to craft more intricate, difficult-to-detect schemes. AML and fraud might feel like a modern-day wild west of criminal behavior at times. Unfortunately, it’s devolved into a cat-and-mouse game that runs in circles.

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2022: Crypto Crime Trends

Crypto Crime Trends for 2022: Illicit Transaction Activity Reaches All-Time High in Value, All-Time Low in Share of All Cryptocurrency Activity Cryptocurrency-based crime hit a

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