End-December 2020

Russia To Aid Iran In Major Sanctions-Skirting Energy Mega projects

Alongside the continued development of its huge West Karoun oil fields, the completion of the supergiant South Pars non-associated gas offshore sector (including the implementation of Phase 11 operations), and the finalisation of the crude oil transfer pipeline from Guriyeh to Jask, Iran’s core focus in the current sanctions environment is to optimise the output and revenues from its already world-scale petrochemicals sector. This has always played a key role in Iran’s ‘resistance economy’ model – the concept of generating value-added returns by leveraging intellectual

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IBM: Stolen tens of millions of dollars at the touch of a button

IBM researchers in Israel expose a huge scam: Hackers used software impersonating real smartphones to take over bank accounts in Europe and the US. On the way they forged GPS locations and bypassed two-step authorization verification. It is as if the Russian cyber attack, which apparently managed to gather significant

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