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Israel: IDF confiscates Hamas 150 digital wallets in Gaza

Defense Minister Ganz signed an order to seize NIS 2.6 million worth of Hamas-linked terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip Following the order, about 150 digital wallets belonging to an exchange company in the Gaza Strip of the Shmalach family, which is used to transfer money to Hamas, were seized. A joint operation by the IDF Intelligence Division, the National Economic Counter-Terrorism Headquarters (Ministry of Defense) in the Ministry of Defense, the National Cyber ​​Unit in Lahav 433 in the

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 2021: US Losing War on Corruption in Central America

The United States, under the Biden administration, was supposed to help curb corruption, but for corrupt officials in Central America, life has rarely looked better. This past year, the justice systems of both El Salvador and Guatemala have been hollowed out. El Salvador President Nayib Bukele used his party’s control

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Luxury Goods and Financial Crime

Luxury items are frequently – but not always – found at the end-point or ‘integration’ stage of a money-laundering scheme, following the introduction of illegal gains into the financial system and the layering process, whether through offshore accounts or other means. Integration typically involves dirty money locating a home in

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