April 2022 3rd Edition

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i-AML Pandora Papers

ICIJ Reveals Pandora Papers’ 800 Secret Russian Companies in wake of Western Sanctions

The Offshore Leaks Database spotlights vital new information on the covert financial activities of oligarchs, bankers and politicians as waves of Western sanctions target Putin loyalists. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists is making public a trove of new information about shell companies linked to Russians as part of a broader effort to spotlight the offshore world and the hidden wealth of Kremlin-linked figures in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The company names and other data on more

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i-aml cayman putin sanctions

Sanctions: Cayman Islands Freezes US$7.3 billion in Russian Assets

The Cayman Islands has frozen assets worth US$7.3 billion under the Russia sanctions enforcement. Cayman applies UK sanctions and has made more than 800 asset freeze designations against Russian individuals and entities. Local financial services providers have submitted more than 400 compliance reporting forms to Cayman’s Financial Reporting Authority (FRA),

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