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The Hezbollah Laundromat: Money-Laundering and Drug-Trafficking Networks in Latin America

On January 6, 2021, the Gulf news network Al Arabiya published an explosive revelation. In late 2016, a high-placed Hezbollah operative named Nasser Abbas Bahmad came to what is known as the Tri-Border Area (TBA), where the frontiers of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay meet. His apparent mission: establish a supply line of multi-ton shipments of cocaine from Latin America to overseas markets in order to generate funds for the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah. Investigative pieces soon followed in the Argentinian and Paraguayan

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In Sting Operation, US Arrests Major Money Launderers

Three men accused of laundering millions of dollars on behalf of transnational organized crime and drug traffickers have been arrested and charged in the U.S., the Department of Justice revealed in a statement on Wednesday. Yosef Cohen, Vague Tergalstanyan, and Igal Ben Hanan were all taken into custody in mid July and

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São Paulo Police Wearing Cameras Killed Nobody in June

Killings connected to several military police units in São Paulo fell to zero in June 2021 due to a simple innovation: body cameras. In June 2021, 18 military police battalions in Brazil’s largest city were outfitted with body cameras. According to a report from the newspaper, O Estado de São

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