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Febrero de 2021 3a edición

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“Hawala”​ – a method of money laundering by sending billions of Dollars from Western countries to Third World countries

Today, tens of billions of dollars are being transferred from immigrants that have immigrated from Western countries to developing countries. The transfer of Hawala money has created embarrassment for western intelligence, taxation, trade and financial systems in the many Western countries. The Hawala method, which is based on mutual guarantee and a relationship of trust between money changers and traders, creates a financial mechanism embedded within financial systems – exchange rates, trade and more have managed to support and subsidize

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Most Defence Companies in The World Do Little to Combat Graft

Transparency International revealed on Tuesday that nearly three quarters of the world’s largest defence companies show minimum or no commitment to tackling corruption, wasting this way huge amounts of the nearly US$2 trillion of public money spent only in 2019 on militaries. Transparency’s Defence Companies Index on Anti-Corruption and Corporate Transparency

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