April 2021 1st Edition

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The bitcoin terrorists of Idlib are learning new tricks

Terror-linked groups in war-torn Idlib are changing their crypto tactics to avoid detection by Western law enforcement In a small shop overlooking the dusty streets of Idlib in northwestern Syria, a group of men sit huddled around a laptop watching the price of bitcoin skyrocket. Outside, the city is devastated by war, but the men’s eyes remain locked on the price chart – they are trying to turn $10 into $20 through Shariah-compliant trades. These men are part of a

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ISIS: Black Flags of the Caribbean

Do you know which Western country produced the highest number of Islamic State (ISIS) foreign fighters per capita? Here’s a clue: it’s the only one which has ever experienced a very real, and very nearly successful, Islamist coup attempt. Perhaps you were thinking Belgium or France, but surely you’d have noticed gun-toting

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