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Septiembre de 2021 4a edición

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A single EU anti-money laundering rulebook

Money laundering is a persistent and dangerous European problem After multiple directives, several high-profile money laundering scandals, and numerous policy papers, the evidence is clear – money laundering remains an undiminished threat within the EU. The European Commission summarises the consequences as follows: criminals and terrorists have a sustained means to jeopardise public security, the incidence of money laundering damages the reputation of jurisdictions, resulting in the withdrawal of financial services, which in turn has negative effects on investment, and

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Ultimate Beneficial Ownership Check Guide

It is now required that customers undergo beneficial ownership identification and verification as part of the KYC onboarding and remediation process. It is essential to the most recent wave of worldwide AML/CTF sanctions and regulations, as well as tax compliance legislation and standards. Scandals such as the Panama Papers, Unaoil, and VimpelCom

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