May 2021 2nd Edition

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Banking Is Center Stage as Iran Seeks Nuclear Deal That Delivers

Iran is pushing for its banking industry to be given guaranteed and conclusive sanctions relief at talks to restore the country’s nuclear deal with world powers. “The removal of sanctions against the central bank, Iranian banks, SWIFT, and any money transfer between them and major foreign correspondent banks, needs to be verified,” Abdolnaser Hemmati, the governor of the Central Bank of Iran, said in answers to written questions, referring to restrictions on Iranian access to the Belgium-based global payments system. Hemmati said

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Heading to Prison for Scamming Cocaine Traffickers

He told cocaine traffickers a bribe would clear their charges. Now, he’s headed to prison for scamming them. For years, many Texans charged with driving while intoxicated and drug possession turned to the attorney riding the RV decorated with marijuana leaves. Known as the “DWI Dude,” James Morris Balagia prided

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AML Monitoring in Capital Market: Detection Methods

Capital markets are internationally connected and largely liquid, making large amounts of capital flowing between jurisdictions in fractions of a second an appealing target for money launderers. Although financial institutions have been under pressure in recent years to develop more comprehensive anti-money laundering protections, wholesale market participants have not been subjected

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