July 2022 4th Edition

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Financial Institutions under Cyber-attacks – Prevention via DarkNet monitoring

Cyber security companies provide a “cyber-alerting” service, manually deep-monitor the Darknet cyber-space and forums, providing Financial Institutions with warning and prevention of Cyber-attacks.  Financial institutions are under continuous cyber-attacks, banks, insurance companies, credit card providers and more. The cyber-attacks aim at the FIs, and their customers. Most attacks are being carried out by hackers – criminals and bored hackers looking for the “holy grail” of cyber-attacks.  According to a report issued by ZDNet, attacks against banks were up a staggering

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2020 Beirut’s Port Blast Victims File Lawsuit in the U.S.

Victims of Beirut’s deadly 2020 port blast have filed a quarter-billion-dollar lawsuit in Texas which blames a U.K.-based company for the devastation that killed more than 230 people and left 300,000 homeless. U.K.-registered geophysical services group Spectrum Geo recklessly chartered the MV Rhosus, a “barely seaworthy” vessel to transport 160

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